In essence, it is dubbed as “bulletproof” because the server will keep working no matter what happens - even if you were to shoot it and fill it with bullets. Furthermore, it is completely out of reach of third parties that might seek to have it shut down because of the content/operations that it hosts.

Why Choose Host Rabbit?

Choose offshore bulletproof services for the highest level
of security and privacy.

  • Offshore bulletproof with full DCMA protection.
  • Uncensored, untouchable and unrestricted web presence.
  • Pay anonymously. Stay anonymous.
  • No one can peek into your server, not even Host Rabbit.
  • Complete privacy guaranteed.

Free site transfer service

When ordering a new Professional Hosting Plan
Seamless migration
within 24h.

  • Free Script Transfers
  • Free Database Transfer
  • Free Domain Transfer
  • Free Files Transfer
  • Free E-mail Transfers
  • Free SSL Transfer

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